What is Winc, Inc.'s stock symbol?

Our stock is traded on the NYSE under the symbol WBEV.

When was Winc, Inc. incorporated?

August 11, 2011

When did Winc, Inc. become a public company?

October 2021

Where is Winc, Inc. located?

1751 Berkeley Street
Studio 3
Santa Monica, CA 90404

When is Winc, Inc.'s fiscal year end?

December 31st

Who is Winc, Inc.'s transfer agent?

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219
T: 718-921-8124

Who is Winc, Inc.'s independent auditor?

Baker Tilly
Sherry Sedighi
T: 310-826-4474

Who is Winc, Inc.'s outside legal counsel?

Latham and Watkins LLP
Drew Capurro
650 Town Center Drive
Costa Mesa Center
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
T: 714-540-1235